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19 May 2010 @ 11:14 am
Busy, Busy Week!  
Monday, I went to the beach! :D It rained for nearly the entire 3.5 hours we were on the road on the way though. But once we got to the beach, it stopped raining.<3 We stayed out on the beach and in the water for 5 hours! XD My friends got a little red on their noses, and I got burned on the back of my shoulders were I apparently failed at respraying myself with sunscreen spray.

I love that beach.

Today, I met up with Kathleen at the library so we can chill and hang out.~ I am sooo going to Wendy's for a salad in an hour. D: And a frosty. Effing random sugar cravings out of the blue that I never have. I also need to get a new library card even though I can't use it...I need to stop checking out books from the library. They don't make it back until they're 3 months overdue.

This week, my little sister has a doctor appointment on Thursday (tomorrow), and...apparently we're doing something on Saturday? No idea, Dad doesn't tell me anything. I have to take my grandma for some doctor appointments on Monday at 1100 and Thursday at 1000 or 1030. Oh joy.

Peace out, yo.