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09 September 2010 @ 07:18 am
I swear, everyday... I have some sort of obligation after school. Lately, it's mainly been helping my sister in her Algebra class for college. That was...Saturday or Friday of last week, then Monday and Tuesday of this week, and today (Thurs) we're also going to cover some. My biggest relief is that my younger sister who is taking Algebra II doesn't need as much help from me - maybe two or three times a week, look over one of her assignments she didn't score well on.

No one can pay me, but I've made my dad buy me a few manga to make up for all of this math help. XDDD So, I bought...Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You 1-3 and Dengeki Daisy 1. OneManga's reader is down - I'm so out of the loop now - and MangaFox won't leave it up because it's licensed now. And...I wanted the hard copies because I really do like them enough I'd buy them. I just hate spending $10 on a manga. |: At least my mom bought BAM's discount card (since that's where I'm living, thanks to my sister), so I've gotten like, $3 off? XD Well, more incentive to learn Japanese and Chinese and Korean so I can order them online.

Oh BTW: loving my Chinese class. The pronunciation is really hard, and the online program we're using has bad recordings...but the teacher is a lot easier to understand. Just one thing: WHAT SHOULD MY CHINESE NAME BE/MEAN? \cry\

Time to do accounting homework due tomorrow morning. \sigh\