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21 August 2011 @ 07:47 pm
So... some more random ramblings, I guess?  
So... it's been awhile. There's not really anyone to read this, but I felt like making a post for some unfathomable reason. Who knows. Well... school is starting tomorrow! Here's my schedule~

Number Theory, 0800-0915
Calculus 3, 1000-1050

No class~

Number Theory, 0800-0915
Calculus 3, 1000-1050

Calculus 3 Lab, 0930-1045

Calculus 3, 1000-1050

Just the two courses... but they're both math~ I'm excited. Nervous... but excited. Need to print out my schedule though, so I can have my classrooms listed also. Need to buy my books as well... That can wait a couple of days at least.

I'm also excited that I have no class on Tuesday - that means I can play badminton this semester on Mondays! Badminton is like... my social time of the week and helps keep my sane. Definitely missed it over the summer.

Hmmm... I guess it's time to eat some dinner now. I made soup last night~~~ It tastes like roast. I also made rice~ We were out of saltine crackers! Can you believe it? No crackers at all, actually.

My 15 year old sister... doesn't know what the industrial revolution in the United States was. Even I know this... and I hate history. What is the world coming to?