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23 April 2010 @ 09:43 pm
Today was the official last day of classes! I had chemistry and chemistry lab, but I overslept for chemistry, and the lab was canceled. :| No more 10am classes, please. D:

I'm a little nervous for my math final, especially since this last test was a killer. D: If it wasn't for my epiphanies during the last ten minutes, I wouldn't have been able to answer two of the questions. I'm both REALLY nervous and relieved for my chemistry final. We're apparently having a departmental final! My teacher pretty much failed at teaching, and her tests sucked Jin's Kyoto eggplant. :| I'm just nervous because I don't know what to expect, even if the only thing I could expect from my teacher's tests was to get a D.

I'm so thankful it's almost over.
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27 November 2009 @ 11:49 am
After Kit-kat sent me a link to a picture from the set of Bunraku, I decided to go back to imdb and read the synopsis. And again, the only the only thought that crosses my mind is, "If it wasn't for Gackt, I wouldn't want to see this movie at all."

Reading the synopsis, I'm expecting the Bunraku's filming, acting, directing, and script quality to be on par with Sukiyaki Western Django. Why did I want to see it? Thinking back, I have no idea. But renting it was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent. The actual storyline, in chronological order instead of skipping around like the movie, could have been made into a really interesting movie. But I blame the director and the script writer for making it into a confusing, jumbled up, and completely awkward and strange movie.

Reading the casting list, i'm severely disappointed as well. Woody Harrelson is creepy, and always plays characters that I want to shove a paper bag over their heads and push them off a cliff. I don't care for Demi Moore - she's not an outstanding actress in the least, and none of her roles or movies come to mind when I think of good acting, characters, or films, besides her voice-acting for Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The same of Josh Hartnett, except that every movie and role he's acted in comes up in my list of movies I would burn. Of the cast, these three seem to be the closest to 'star status', and the others I've never heard of, and don't seem to be worth mentioning.

So, besides seeing Gackt act, I have no high hopes for this movie.
I decided I would read LJ's news thing they send out, because sometimes the Writer's Block answers are actually interesting. Sadly, the question, "What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?" had the answers I predicted it would. Romeo and Juliet, Twilight, no but more adult guidance, and no banning pretty much summed them all up.

One thing that I don't think people realized was that we're not talking about the government banning books from a public library. We're talking about banning books, from a high school library, that could potentially cause parental concern. Especially since most high school libraries are shared with junior high students, and in some cases, elementary school students. I'm entirely for the freedom of speech and one's right to access controversial materials, but once that person is an adult. For the same reason children cannot access rated R movies without parental consent, materials containing sexually explicit materials and other controversial materials don't belong public schools. If parents don't mind their children or teenagers reading books like that, then they can buy them the books from a bookstore or allow them to borrow them from the public library.

Parents and others like to complain about the way children and teenagers behave, but part of the problem is their lack of involvement in their children's lives, and the transfer of values to the next generation. Part of being involved in your child's life is setting limits and rules - what they are or aren't allowed to read or watch, they way they must act towards others, the responsibility of completing chores and homework, etc.

It's amazing how the people of the world are losing their common sense.
24 November 2009 @ 11:00 pm
The other day, my little sister bought the Sims 3. 8D So far, it's been fun.<3 Sadly though, we've been having graphics/video card issues. I went to download a newer version of an Intel driver, but sadly, it turns out that Dell has their own effing driver for the card. Meaning, possible conflicts. 8D So, after trying a couple of other things (uninstalling AVG, turning off firewall, reinstalling the Dell driver...), I think I'll have to try uninstalling the Dell driver and installing the Intel driver.

In other news, my dog whines for carrots.

And currently watching NCIS. Awww, poor Ducky. No one can go to his Thanksgiving feast, so he'll be all alone. ;-;

Anyway, one of the things I love about the Sims 3 is the new personality system. I love the fact that the system is based upon a group of specific traits instead of annoying astrology point system. Not that I don't still love the Sims 2 - I totally plan on getting the other expansion packs. :3

Thinking of the traits made me wonder, if I was to make a list of ones that would apply to me for a sim, what would they be?

Sims 3 traits list under cut.~Collapse )
24 November 2009 @ 05:02 pm
Currently watching the movie 17 Again - yeah, that movie with Zac Efron. Not half bad. XD Better than most high school-staged movies. OMG, I'M SO PROUD OF MAGGIE. Quote from Mike/Mark: "One day you're going to find a guy who treats you like you deserve to be treated: like the sun rises and sets with you." That's so beautiful.

OMG, Maggie's psycho. You can't have Mike. DDD8 OMGGG that was so funny. *needs to stop typing this*

Anyway, it was really cute. I'll think about buying it. :)

Characters because...I need to not spaz about things without explaining them:
Mark/Mike? - main character; high school basketball star, 35-40 year old man going through a divorce whose wife and kids hate him

Maggie - main character's daughter

Scarlet - (ex)wife of main character

And...I'm bad with names, so I don't remember anyone else's. Like the son.
24 November 2009 @ 02:29 am
I'm so annoyed. Within the past week, I was searching for Sims 2 downloads, and came across http://community.livejournal.com/pixel_trade Totally awesome site. Somehow, I went from there or some other community (can't think of what one then) to another site that had THE BEST zombies. I'm pretty sure it was part of a Halloween Challenge. And I swear that I saved it on my favorites. But I can't find it in my favorites, in my history (which was deleted :@) or after hours of searching.

I wanted those awesome zombies ;-;

But at least this video is making me happy:

I need to stop thinking everything and everyone is/resembles Yoshiki. Unless the fake Gackt in the video (4:01 is a ok shot) IS Yoshiki. Another question for another day.
17 November 2009 @ 09:06 pm

\sigh Life is beating me and my family over the head with an anvil atm. Fucking bitch of a sadist, life can be. All the other Calc 1 students beat me to the over-all favorite Calc professor, and it looks like I'm going to be stuck with the one who mumbles to herself or something. Maybe someone from the regular class will fail (such a bad wish, but it's not unlikely) and thus, open a spot...or maybe the teacher will squeeze me in. ;-;

Either way, someone is sooo getting a Christmas card from me this year. And that doesn't happen.

My family just had a major let's-scream-at-each-other-and-misunderstand-each-other-while-mooglemarcher-is-doing-calc-hw-due-tomorrow...blow up thing. Yeah, definitely not going to be finished tonight. And not going to try anymore now so I won't have calculus running through my head all night. I love math enough (too much, some might say) during the day, but I like my dreamless nights, thank you very much.

I'd wish for someone like Gackt or Yoshiki to invade my dreams, but I think that's asking for trouble. :X

Sometime this week, I need to haul my piece of shit computer into my room and clear off my desk (which right now, is nothing but a clutter collector). My computer looks like it's going to 'bite the dust' soon. I gave it CPR once already, and resuscitating things isn't entirely in my nature.

If something is broke and can be replaced with something better, it's time to upgrade. Especially if said upgrade is more time and cost efficient both long and short term than replacing old parts to keep the old machine running.

At least once my computer is replaced, I'm actually going to be getting a *new* computer instead of someone else's hand-me-down. I might do some cost-evaluating, and see how much fixing up my old clunker will cost. If it's reasonable, I'll fix it up, and use it as a Sims 2 only computer.

Since my desktop is pretty much out of commission though, I've given up on actually caring about my English class right now. Sad, yes? But I think that class has been the source of all of my worry and stress this entire semester. And I'm tired of breaking my back for that class, sacrificing my other classes in the progress.

I will not be content until I ace another Calculus test. I don't make B's in math, and that's my record for this semester. Pisses me off.

Anyway, enough ranting that no one reads. It's time to do some brain storming for a story I'm developing in my subconscious or spend my remaining brain cells on Final Fantasy XII fanfiction.
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23 October 2009 @ 04:21 pm
If a friend cracks a corny joke, do you force yourself to laugh politely? What about if it's your boss or teacher? Do you get annoyed if someone else pretends to be amused?

Psssssh. I'm the friend who's making the jokes.

No one laughs, but I've gotten over it. Bugging everyone with bad jokes makes up for it.
22 October 2009 @ 08:52 pm
This just made my day:

My sister, friend Kit-Kat, and I had a lovely convo about how Gackt must get the ideas for his weird hairstyles (not all of them are - just a couple. :3) by his bandmates getting him drunk and convincing him it's a good idea. Sooo fun. That was suggested by Kit-Kat. My little sister was like, "Oh yeah? Well...he must be drunk every time he walks into a salon!" I told her he would get mauled if we walked into a salon. XD Kit-Kat agreed, lol. Sister was like, "Would you maul him?" I answered, "...Yeah." She asked me if I would still maul him if I saw him with his mullock. I told her I would point and laugh. mwahaha. And then maybe maul him. (Except not really. I'd die from laughter first. And any other instance, I would just hyperventilate.) Kit-kat said, "No, thanks. I could live without mauling him. I feel bad enough for him already."

With what I heard about Gackt's record company being mofos and claiming copyright infringement on everything (ie: Youtube videos), and all the fans complaining to him, I feel bad for him also. So he feels sooo bad about what's happening. \cry He can't do anything about it, which isn't his fault, but it sucks on Jin's Kyoto eggplants. >( FANS SHOULD UNITE...AND BOMBARD THE COMPANY ITSELF WITH MAIL. MWAHAHAHAHA. That could be like, the only way to do anything, really. I really hope they hope up International DEARS soon, even though I have like, no money to join. If they're going to deny us of being able to watch the stuff without downloading it (because we can't download directly from Youtube unless you're like, a computer cracker or something), they need to supply us with a way to watch it. Because I swear we can only buy Asian DVDs which have a different region than US DVD players.

Bottom line: Open up International DEARS, release in the US, or release on iTunes for international fans.
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04 October 2009 @ 06:23 am
In my family, if one person can't sleep well, no one can.

...Sometimes, I wonder if we have that 'telepathic link' that twins have in movies and whatnot.

I woke up this morning between two and three all because I had to pee. That never happens. Maybe the full moon? Who knows? Anyway, when I went back to bed, I couldn't sleep. I kept tossing and turning, and by 3:45 I gave up. I still hadn't watched Atonement yet, and what better time to watch an R rated movie than when everyone (including your 13 year old sister) is asleep?

Most depressing story ever. Ladder 49 is the only movie that can compare to the heartbreaking feeling. I could hardly breathe.

I don't relish the feeling.

But apparently, about the same time I woke up, my dad did also. He was able to fall back asleep, but he kept waking up. He decided to give up by about 5, and tinkered on the computer while I finished the last 45 minutes of my movie. And apparently, by that time, my little sister was laying in bed awake, too tired to get up, but not able to fall back asleep.

Maybe I'll get in a nap later to today. Definately going straight to bed after church tonight. So, that means I need to finish my Bio vocab this morning, and finish reading the chapters by this evening. I really doubt I'll get around to tweaking my English paper. Right now, I don't give a flying flip if my teacher takes off 10 points for having 862 words instead of her absolute maximum of 825.

I'm finding that when it comes to due dates and having a satifactory or somewhat-decent assignment already as well as reading or studying to do...tweaking the B worthy paper into an A paper goes on the back burner.

I really dislike school this semester.~~~